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“The world at its worst needs us at our best “
Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar® materials

Ready or not 2017 will be here soon. And we each have a choice…we can decide what to create in 2017 or we can decide not to make a decision, look away, stay stuck in the past and be swept along by other people’s decisions.  So it is time to decide – get involved and interfer or sit on the sidelines.

 * What do you want to create in 2017?
 * What is your worthwhile goal for 2017?

Nothing in the future is carved in stone so we can each put attention and effort into creating the future we want.  That is how we can make a change.  And that is a better place to put attention than keeping attention on the past.  The past is done!

To help you set goals ask yourself these questions:

What do I want?
* What would I have to become to get that?
* Is my attitude toward that goal working for me or against me?

If your goal seems too big try this…ask yourself this question until you get to something you can do tomorrow:

* What would have to happen before that could happen?
* And what would have to happen before that that could happen?
* And what would have to happen before that that could happen?

Next check in and make sure you are happy with the person you will have to be to achieve that goal?  If you are, go to the next question.  If you are not, maybe the goal needs to be looked at again?  Is it a worthwhile goal?  Is that goal going to help the world?

Then take a look at your attitude toward that goal. Your attitude matters and will affect the success of reaching your goal. Attitudes are infectious. Surround yourself with people with a shared goal or who believe in your goal. If your attitude is “off” change it!  You can and that will change the outcome.

When you come to ask yourself….Did I do as much as I could? I hope you answer…Yes I did!

The future is in our hands!
If you need some help resetting your attitude so you can contribute to the future consider coming to the Avatar Course. And if you want to start the year with a total transformation come and join us at the Avatar course that starts on December 31.