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Are you living deliberately and living the life you want?  Are you doing what you’d really like to do?  Or are you tired of living the same old, same old life? Or are you getting frustrated because no matter what you try nothing seems to change?

Harry Palmer, creator of The Avatar® Course writes, “There is an old story about a farmer who finds a pumpkin that has just started to develop. To protect the little pumpkin from the elements he slips it inside a jug. Then he goes on his way and forgets about it. When harvest time comes, the pumpkin has grown only as large as the jug. The jug that once protected it eventually limits its growth.”

Inside the jug we are in our comfort zone.  We’ve put certain ideas and limitations into our minds that help feel safe.  Or they once did but now they may appear more like “rules” that we use to guide our lives.  Sometimes it is useful not to have to continually re-examine everything and we start to live inside these “rules” that we created.  I don’t do….! Or I can’t do ….!  We created the “rules” and if they seem limiting now we can break them.  We need to break the jug to free ourselves from these constraints.  If we don’t we’ll be like the pumpkin and start to rot living a life that gets smaller and smaller inside our own confining ideas.  To grow we need to free ourselves from these old ideas.  In The Avatar Course we call these ideas beliefs and learn a technology to discrete beliefs that no longer serve us.  If you get rid of these beliefs and then take action you can create a new reality.  If you try and take action without changing your beliefs the old beliefs keep reasserting themselves and not much changes despite our efforts.

Breaking the jug is like stretching.  Stretching into the unknown.  Do you know that feeling when you just accomplished something that you thought you could not do?  That is the feeling of stretching and growing. It is exhilarating.  You feel alive and inspired again.

When there is something more that we want to create, we first need to recognize that our belief system that got us where we are now will not get us to a new place. We need to inspect and let go of old limitations about ourselves, the world and what is possible. When we do that, and then take action, we are on our way to creating a new reality!