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Are you familiar with the idea that beliefs affect your experience? And maybe you have experience of changing some beliefs and experiencing something better.



 Take a look at this Ted Talk to get some understanding of how powerful (and  damaging) your beliefs can  be.   Psychologist Kelly McGonigal presents  research that suggests that stress may only be bad  for you if you believe     that to be the case.

( http://www.ted.com/talks/kelly_mcgonigal_how_to_make_stress_your_friend?language=en)

Maybe it is time to discover and inspect the beliefs you hold, and then change some of the ones that lead to experiences that you don’t want!

The Avatar Course guides you in an exploration of your own belief system and equips you with the tools to modify those things that you wish to change.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about come and explore.   If you do know what I’m talking about and want to learn techniques for changing your beliefs come and explore.