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“Learning to navigate the path deliberately is the goal of the Avatar materials” – Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar materials

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Experience the power of Avatar with these three exercises right now
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Exercise 19 – This and That
(2:33 minutes long)
Objective: To demonstrate the effect of changing viewpoint.
Expected Results: Insights, increase in responsibility.

Exercise 26 – Expansion Exercise
(2:59 minutes long)
Objective: To convey an experience of expansion and integration.
Expected Results: Insights, reconciliation.

Exercise 17 – Compassion Exercise
(3:11 minutes long)
Objective: To increase the amount of compassion in the world.
Expected Results: A personal sense of peace.

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Aug 17-25, Italy
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Nov 2-10, Orlando, FL

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Aug 24-30, Orlando, FL



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