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What is happy?  We always know when we are not happy but do we know when we are happy?  And if we are not happy how do we get to be happy? It is happy/unhappy that makes us productive or unproductive.

The dictionary definition for happy is “feeling or showing pleasure or contentment”. Does that help you?

For me being happy is when i am doing what I have chosen to do, when things are going smoothly and I’m getting good results.  It’s when I’m most productive and can contribute the most.  What makes me unhappy is when things aren’t going the way I want them do, when things are not working, when I’m doing what someone else wants to do!  So I wonder if happy is having no resistance?

I don’t know how to define happy but I do know if youare-you-happy are not happy then you need to do something to get to be happy and not just read about it!  Knowing what to do and taking action are two different things!

I love listening to Brené Brown’s TED Talk on The Power of Vulnerability.  Dr. Brené Brown is a research professor at the University of Houston who went out and talked to many, many people to find out why some people are happy and others are not. She found that “we cannot selectively numb emotions; when we numb the painful emotions, we also numb the positive emotions.”  In other words you can’t be happy if you are not prepared to experience all the emotions – the highs and the lows.  So you can’t be happy if you are resisting feeling!

There are lots of books that have all sort of ideas about how to be happy.  The Avatar Course teaches skills that result in people being happy including the one that Brené Brown discovered we need…the ability to feel again!