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flexibilitySurvivors are the flexible ones. They are not fixed in one viewpoint. Think of an oak tree and a willow tree. Which one survives the storm? The willow tree – right? The neighbor’s oak tree fell down on top of my car in a storm many years ago. It took me many more years to learn the lesson!

I used to think that having strong, fixed viewpoints was a sign of strength, a sign of knowing my own mind. I loved debating and persuading others that my viewpoint was right. I thought that was winning. I didn’t realize that listening and reshaping my ideas was the prize.

With those inflexible viewpoints it was not easy to see all the opportunities that were out there. I was too busy looking for evidence to prove my idea “right” and your idea “wrong”. I’m learning that by being open to other ideas and possible outcomes I stay interested in everything going on.

Being curious and interested is a much more interesting and less effortful way to go through life than “winning arguments” and getting others to agree with my fixed ideas.  Try it!

“If you only resist change, you will eventually experience exhaustion.  If you only accept change, you are always a spectator. Living deliberately is shaping change, sometimes accepting, sometimes resisting; the dance of life.  You may choose your attitude to change: Welcome it or resist it, but meet it you must, because everything flows.”
Source: Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar materials.