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“Learning to navigate the path deliberately is the goal of the Avatar materials” – Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar materials

We have powerful memory banks in our minds. They store upsetting events, bad decisions, mistakes, words said by you and later regretted, cruel words said to you, pictures of accidents etc etc.  They store the happy and good memories too but somehow those don’t see to come out of the memory bank with such frequency.

And our minds are really good at accessing just the right memory to make us doubt what we are about to decide or do.  Our minds must have a really good cataloging system!

Just how much are you going to allow the past to affect your future?  Are you going to allow the memories free rein to influence decisions or are you going to control their influence and make decisions based on your current experience, desires, the current facts and the opportunities that present themselves to you?

The future is a blank canvas that we can paint if we know how to control our those pesky minds and memories. How much you are going to allow the past to affect your future depends on your ability to master your mind.

And mastering your mind is possible.  It takes training and practicing just like other skills but it is worth it.  It is a necessary step toward peace of mind.

Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar materials, recommends three steps to achieve mastering the mind and a quiet mind

  1. Willingly accept responsible experience yourself as source of all your mental creations
  2. Learn how to turn off the creation of new thinking at the source
  3. Have a effective technique for discrediting the echoes of old thinking.

These are all things we learn to do on the Avatar Course.  And it wasn’t to difficult to do.  Can you imagine being in control of your mind?

I’m not letting the past affect my future too much these days. How about you?