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DifferentI often say…that is wrong or you are wrong or I did that wrong.  I’m not talking about wrong as in something immoral, harmful or unjust but that other wrong…the incorrect, the judgement that we put on actions of ourselves and others.   Often what I really mean when I use the word wrong is different to my plan or my expectations.  But when I use the word wrong it feels like a period. No more exploring. That is the way it is and it is wrong!  I get defensive and I close down to exploring any other way of doing something or another point of view.  I’m contributing to the right and wrong game!

I remember when I first lived away from home and I cooked a meal with my housemates. Everything went well until we made gravy.  Each one of us had a different approach based on our mothers’ way. I thought all the others were all wrong! And they all thought everyone else was wrong! What strong emotions we had about the making of gravy!

Many years later I’m training myself to say and think that isn’t what I expected or that is different to my idea.  Doesn’t that feel better? Doesn’t that keep you open to exploring?  It does me.

Try it and see.  Increase your CQ – curiosity quotient.