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Recently I was interviewed by Shari Alyse, one of the creators of The Wellness Universe.  Take a look at that video here.  The Wellness Universe is a collective of individuals who make the world a better place through their information, service or product.

An interview with Jill and Shari Alyse of the The Wellness Universe
Inspiring Change
Do you know the easiest way to change something?  You just change your viewpoint.  Try it next time you are talking or debating with someone.  Try listening to what they are saying. Really listening with genuine interest.  Isn’t it interesting that they would have such a different viewpoint? If you lock yourself into one viewpoint you are refusing to see something in any other way.You playing the right and wrong game…you are right, they are wrong to hold a different viewpoint.  Do you really want to keep playing the game that has got us all into so much trouble, so many battles and wars?  Next time try changing your viewpoint – find a different way of looking at things!