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Meet Harry Palmer

Allow yourself the gift of universal perspective. Wisdom will appear and your actions will be motivated by an intuitive, spontaneous, benevolent intent.  Do useful things.  Help others for the delight of helping others.  Concentrate on adding value to the world rather than consuming the world.
– Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar materials

Harry Palmer is an explorer and educator…he was an English teacher in secondary schools, he has studied Oriental religions, Eastern and Western philosophy, psychology, Scientology, and world history. His passion for helping people understand how to improve their lives led to the creation of the Avatar® materials in 1987.

You can learn more about Harry Palmer here

The Avatar Talks
These are 30 minute talks given by Harry Palmer, creator of the Avatar Course. They were recorded live at various International Avatar Courses. Learn the foundational concepts of Avatar, and get a feel for Harry’s perspective on personal development.

The power to change your story is the power to change your life.

The relationship between your beliefs and your experience.

Life is a challenge and the best rewards are upstream.


Resurfacing Workshop
Aug 1/2, Burlington, VT
Sept 14/15, Vermont
Oct 26/27, London, UK

The Avatar Course 
Aug 17-25, Italy
Sept 14-22, Vermont
Nov 2-10, Orlando, FL

Fast Track Course

Aug 24-30, Orlando, FL



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