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Meet Jill

Happiness requires that you restore inner peace.” – Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar materials

I love creating change whether that is walking into a mess and tidying up or creating a new system to replace one that doesn’t work. Ten years ago I reached a point in my life when nothing seemed to work anymore and I realized I needed a major change in my own life. What had once seemed so wonderful and satisfying no longer was and everyone and everything was frustrating. I decided to change the way I was living. That is when I discovered The Avatar® Course and began my own reinvention.

After years of working in the corporate world as a management consultant helping businesses achieve their goals I now spend my time teaching The Avatar Course to people who want to make a change in their life and achieve their goals.

I am a licensed Avatar Master licensed to teach The Avatar Course with over 25 years experience working as a consultant and in line management. I am a skilled strategic planner, brand builder and facilitator and a co-founder of The Sage Network, a group of senior facilitation professionals. I serve on many boards in my community of Woodstock and in Vermont. In March I  was elected to Woodstock’s Select Board. 

My Avatar Story
Before Avatar…
I had a good life…a good marriage, a nice house, car and a successful career. And then something changed. I didn’t know what was going on. Why wasn’t I interested in anything? Why was nothing made me happy? Why I was arguing with everyone?  I knew something had to change so I stopped working, I gave up my volunteer activities, I lost weight and got fit, I travelled.  I calmed down but I still wasn’t happy.  We moved to Vermont and I thought that would be the answer.  But no, I still wasn’t happy.

The Avatar Course…
Then a new friend brought me to The Avatar Course in Florida.   I discovered why I wasn’t happy.  I discovered why things weren’t going the way I wanted.  I discovered that I could shape my life. Nine days of exercises and I discovered me again.  I got rid of lots of layers that I had added over the years and underneath all of them I found me.  And I liked me.  I took the new me out into the world and reconnected with my husband, my mum and my family.  I had a new set of skills that I used every day to start living deliberately. I decided to keep going and take the advanced courses and things got even better. Over the next few months I went to the advanced Avatar courses and decided to get more involved.

After Avatar…
Now I’m happy!  I live deliberately.  I’m engaged and contributing.  Yes things go wrong! It is not a Pollyanna life but I have lots of tools that I can use when I need a course correction.


ReSurfacing Workshop
Mar, Woodstock, VT
17-18 Mar, Orlando, FL

The Avatar Course
7-15 July, Orlando, FL
27 Oct-Nov 4, Orlando, FL

7-13 April, Orlando, FL
2-8 June, Orlando, FL


1 203 919 6393


1 203 919 6393


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