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canstockphoto26569490Are you ready to set your New Year Resolutions? I come from a corporate background where goals and plans were common. I never realized how important they were in all parts of life.  Our New Years Resolutions are our goals.  They put into words what we are trying to achieve in life and the parts that make up that picture. They help us focus our attention, identify our challenges and get motivated to do some of those (humdrum) tasks that lead us to our bigger purpose.

 It is pretty important how you set goals. Precise goals that are right for you, goals that excite you and you want to work towards. Goals that motivate you not something you think you ought to do! Imagine planning a journey, your destination is your goal and your route is the plan of how you will get there.
1 Ten Actions - Action 1Before you get started I recommend going for a walk to clear your head!  Take a look at Action 1.
When you are ready write down some goals – goals you already have, goals you have thought about pursuing, dream a little, don’t be constrained.  You can sort through them later.  And at this stage don’t worry about how you are going to achieve them.
There is all sorts of advice about how to write your goals…start with an action word, define a time that you want to achieve the goal by, make the goal precise. I think the most important aspect is to find goals that excite you otherwise achieving them is going to be a LOT of effort! There is an Avatar exercise that can help you sort through your list of goals and find the ones that are Right-For-You, the ones you are most interested in.  You can download this link http://www.theavatarcourse.com/minicourse/en/forgiveness.html.
and take a look at Exercise 5 on page 21.  The exercise gives you some criteria to help you rate your goals.
When you have goals that excite you, not too many, you have your New Year’s Resolutions.  Now you can start making a plan of how to reach your goals.
What do you need to change?  The way you are spending your time? The way you are spending your money?  And how about your beliefs?  Your beliefs create your experience so if you have a belief that opposes your goal you could spend a lot of effort, time and money and this time next year be no further ahead!   If you need to learn to change those limiting beliefs and create beliefs that align with your goals come and join us at the next Avatar Course. Change your beliefs and create the experiences that you want in life. Then this time next year you can look back at those goals with some satisfaction!