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What does it take to really make something happen?

When we do Strategic Planning in the corporate world we go through the steps…Vision, Mission, Strategies, Action Plan.  We see the big picture and then people throughout the company focus on the actions that go toward creating the strategies and that big picture.

How does that work in our personal lives?

Visualization, positive thinking, change your beliefs, stay in the present….there are a lot of suggestions to help you reach your goals and I’ve tried many and sometimes they work for me. But sometimes they don’t and I’ve been wondering why.

Last week  I came home to a burst water pipe – that is an opportunity to be overwhelmed! I can see the end picture but I’m not convinced I’m going to get there in the short time we have available to do the repair work.   It is pretty easy to go to worry and let the mind take over and create the never ending hamster wheel!

Then I found some really helpful words of explanation from Alex Korb.  Alex Korb PhD is a neuroscientist at UCLA. He’s studied the brain for over 15 years and publishes many words of wisdom.

His advice is to focus on the effort not the goal. Focusing on the effort, rather than the goal can help keep your brain from getting in your own way. Make an action plan and just work through things one step at a time.  Just like strategic planning! But here is the link that has been missing for me. The goal is in the future.  The actions you can take now bring you back to the present.  If you keep all your attention on the goal you are in the future and missing the present moment.

It is working well for me as I fix the destruction caused by that burst water pipe.

One step at a time!  And if you need a tune to help you remember this nugget here you go!