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perfectI have always wanted to be perfect – pass my exams perfectly, execute plans flawlessly, dress perfectly, have a perfect day etc etc.  But now I realize that is not life.  That is not living in the present!

I am a planner.  I get an idea in my head and design the steps to make that happen.  I recently arrived in NYC for a few vacation days.  I had a “plan” except it was really an  “idea of my imagination”.  I had booked somewhere to stay and one excursion but nothing else.  We arrived and things were not quite like they were in my imagination.  The apartment wasn’t as cool as I wanted.  I couldn’t find a great restaurant that I had imagined would be around the corner from our apartment. I couldn’t find the new grocery store that had been recommended. Then to cap it all it started raining!!  I was so frustrated and didn’t want to admit to my companion that anything was wrong!

Next day, a new day, I contemplated what had been happening!  When things are not living up to my expectations I am in my head and not in the present moment.  I make decisions based on what “ought to be” rather than “what is”.  I realized I like finding a problem, then I can solve the problem and I’m good at that!  I’m so good I create problems just so I can solve them. When I have a problem to solve I am in my head and out of the present moment.  When I’m living in my head things don’t flow.  When I’m living in the present everything is alright and things flow.

So with a new attitude I went out for my day in NYC.  Boy, I made mistakes all over the place. I got the time of the excursion wrong and we turned up late.  We still could have gone but  I missed the instruction to wear close-toed shoes so NO GO!  This time I admitted I had messed up.  We moved on without a plan and had a fun time going to different places that were on a list of things we might like to do. We added in different things along the way as we saw them.  To top off the day I went back to one of the restaurants I had rejected on that first evening and it was great – everything i had imagined for our restaurant around the corner!

Off for another day.  How much time can I stay in the present today?  My only plan is to enjoy the day and stay present!