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helpThese past few weeks my lesson has been asking for help. One week, early in the month ,I was really stretched and  asked to do many extra things with a time deadline.   My usual way of dealing with deadlines is put my head down and work through things one by one. I’m quite good at prioritizing and doing only the things that really matter and that works for me if I have the time to get all the priorities done.  But this week I didn’t have enough hours in the day and thought I had to make the choice between getting some sleep and getting everything done!

Then someone suggested another way….ask for help!   All that week I  had the chance to practice and I’m a convert!    Now I’ve replaced my usual question to myself of how can I get this done in the time I have to a question to my team-mates of how can we get this done together?  And it is not an ask in the way that I’ve done it before trying to pull rank and get everyone else to “volunteer” but a Help!  I can’t do all this by myself, how can we get this done?  It is magical – people have different ideas of how to tackle things and as a team we found solutions that didn’t even occur to me. Some people like doing what I don’t like to do, some people have time to help out and of course everyone likes to be included.  And I’ve seen how I can help other people getting their job done too….keep the information flowing, tell people if you can or can’t take on a task straight away, respond to those doodle polls as soon as you can…..

And it is a good job I had that lesson because this week I needed to ask for help again.  This time I had a crash landing while I was skiing.  I had to ask for help to get myself sorted out!

Do you ask for help? What works for you?