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What do you need? It is the loveliest question. I overheard my neighbor ask his wife this question. She is recovering from chemo treatment and he helps her however he can.

What do you need? It gives the recipient permission to ask for anything and seems so much more generous and thoughtful than the automatic can I help you? It is one of those open-ended questions that might cause someone unused to asking for help to ponder their answer!

I think I’m more used to asking this question in the work world. We write proposals to meet a client’s need. We ask questions in a focus group to find out consumer needs. Is it just me or is this question more rare in our personal lives?

We can ask the question to ourselves. What do I need today? It is an opportunity to take a moment instead of rushing from one task to another. A moment to consider what you want to have happen today. I want to do this, what do I need to get from here to there? I feel like this. I want to feel like this, what do I need to do to get from here to there?

And I get chance to practice now as I’m staying with my mother after she took a bad fall! What do you need?