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What is Avatar?

The Avatar Course is nothing more or less than an escape from a mind trap, which you have been caught in for so long that you have forgotten what freedom feels like.” – Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar materials

Avatar is a course where you learn skills that can change the way you live your life. You learn tools so that you live in the present, make decisions in the present, act based on the NOW. The Avatar Course reawakens your curiosity. It helps you move out of that stuck place where you are making decisions based on the past or the future.

The Avatar Course is for people who want more out of life, who want to grow and live fully, who want to make decisions from inspiration not fear, who want to live in a world that they help to improve.

With the Avatar exercises you learn to manage your attention and will power. You learn the effect that beliefs can have on your ability to achieve your goals. You learn to create the beliefs you want to have, you learn to get rid of the beliefs than no longer serve you. You learn skills that can help achieve the goals you set for your life by giving them the sustained effort they need.

The Avatar Course is a series of experiential exercises taught in weekend workshops and 9-day courses around the world. In a safe non-confrontational environment you receive individual attention as you learn the tools to create an inspiring fulfilling life.  You work individually, in pairs and in small groups throughout the course.

Students come from varied backgrounds, all ages and many different countries. There are parents, entrepreneurs, college students, doctors, lawyers, engineers, politicians, business people, artists, athletes and many more.

There are tens of thousands of Avatar graduates in 130 countries, and over 23,000 have taken The Avatar Master Course to become certified instructors. The Avatar Materials are currently available in 31 languages


Resurfacing Workshop
Aug 1/2, Burlington, VT
Sept 14/15, Vermont
Oct 26/27, London, UK

The Avatar Course 
Aug 17-25, Italy
Sept 14-22, Vermont
Nov 2-10, Orlando, FL

Fast Track Course

Aug 24-30, Orlando, FL



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