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“Before you take on the world, you need to master your own mind.”
-Harry Palmer, author of The Avatar Course

Our mind is critical to our success – we know that and from a young age we fill the mind with knowledge, rules, experiences, training and we try and teach it how to think. Now it is time to ask do you control your mind or does your mind control you?  For many of us our mind is the controller because we have let it take over. Those rules and social norms, old thoughts and ideas are ruling our actions today.  Neuroscientists are studying the brain and making findings about how it all works. Take a look at this article in Time Magazine.

Do you know that you can learn to control your mind?  Would you like to be in charge again instead of all your old thoughts and ideas? You can be if you take the time to learn some good tools to operate your mind.

Think of it as getting a set of tools to operate the mind just as you’d get a set of tools to cook with if you were setting about preparing a meal or to garden with if you are going to create or maintain a garden. You want to have the best tool for the job and not just make do. Tools to operate the mind are mental techniques and worth the time it takes to learn them.

The value of using tools is that they enable us to run our mind deliberately. For example, when we are upset about something we tend to resist it, indulge in it, or to pretend we are not experiencing it. All of these strategies actually make us feel worse and we end up getting lost in our thinking, our emotions or our stories. It is an amazing feeling to know we can open up our toolbox and pick the right tool to move through that upset effectively.  Instead of just talking about things, tools enable us to target a specific block or create a specific intention that truly moves us forward. When we use these tools, we can take charge of our mind and realign our efforts toward our goals.

Tools can help us improve abilities like:

  • Moving through emotions
  • Deciding
  • Clearing out old beliefs
  • Creating new beliefs
  • Becoming present
  • Focusing our attention
  • Releasing limitations
  • Experiencing positive states of mind
  • Getting real
  • Opening our heart

I learnt a set of tools from The Avatar® Course to help me control my runaway mind that was always reliving the past or planning for a future.  Using the tools enabled me to become fully present and manage my mind effectively. I use  the tools everyday to get set for the day…just like cleaning my teeth!